7 Perks of Using an Event Ticketing Software

This article will help you find out more about a specific type of software: the event booking software.

As an event organiser, it must be frustrating to work with the registration and ticketing process when you do not have the correct tools. Events technology has revolutionised the event planning lifecycle and what used to be arduous tasks are now automated through different types of software. Here are 7 points to consider if you are still on the fence whether you should be investing in an event management software:

1 An event online ticketing software can be integrated to your event website.

When you use an event online ticketing software, it can be integrated to a custom registration page in your event website. Instead of registering clients through different online tools and having to import data to your desktop registration software, all you simply have to do is install the software to your event website and it will take care of all aspects of data management for you.

2 An event management ticketing software allows you to sell tickets at any time.

Since most event management ticketing software are web-based, anyone can register online for your event 24/7. Even if you are outside of work hours or even sleeping, sales may continue running. Your attendees can also access your website anywhere for so long as they have internet connection and a browser. If you are expecting an international attendance for your event, an event ticketing software will make their experience more convenient.

3 An event registration and ticketing software secures your attendees’ data.

It is a standard for event registration and ticketing software providers today to protect your data. This means that their platforms come with top level security features such that attendee details – especially banking data – can never go to the wrong hands. This feature is important for event organisers like you since you are accountable to your customers’ data and privacy.

4 An event ticketing system software allows you to sell tickets for different events.

If you are part of an events agency or company, using an event ticketing system software is a must. You know that it is common practice for your company to host several events in one year and this may take its toll on all your team members. Without a clear-cut solution, it would be difficult to keep track of countless registrations as well as the payments that course through each event. By using a software, however, you can simply relax as visitors to your website can simultaneously sign up for all your events at any time.

5 An online ticketing software accepts different payment methods.

Easing down the financial aspect of event organisation may be difficult to pull off without an online ticketing software. While it is already challenging to keep track of registrations and guest lists, it is even more taxing to make sure that all payments are processed and in check. A good event ticketing software can be integrated with different payment systems such as payment gateways, PayPal, and Stripe. Furthermore, you can also do additional functions like invoicing and printing sales reports through this type of software.

6 An event ticketing software helps reduce company expenditure.

One of the top reasons why any event management software is currently being used by event organisers is that they automate work processes. It comes with no surprise that the need for numerous technical staff in event management is no longer apparent in the industry. Through a functional ticketing software, for example, you would not need to hire several people to manage guest lists and tickets. You can simply rely on the power of technology as it is offers consistent results and is less prone to error.

7 An event ticketing software allows your attendees to use coupon codes.

Event organisers are always considering different marketing strategies to ultimately land ticket sales. As such, it may be common to apply several gimmicks like the use of discount coupon codes to entice invitees and random website visitors. An event ticketing software can take care of this for you by allowing you to generate coupon codes and by honouring them once they are used by registrants.

8 Reduce paper. An event registration software can eliminate paperloss through automate budges.

In Conclusion

Those are only seven of the many advantages of using a ticketing software for your events. There are minor ones such as built-in calendars and the viewing of seating arrangements that you may also want to consider. Nevertheless, one of the best advantages of using an event ticketing software is your ability to see all information in one place. This is a godsend for your team when you are working on different aspects of an event.

If you are still on the fence whether you should be investing your money on a reliable event ticketing software, the answer is yes – you should. However, do your research well for you to arrive at the best software provider. Weigh the pros and cons of every software in your list and make an intelligent decision by the end of your research. It is important to be very critical when you are looking for the right event registration software.