Cheapest Way to Register Attendees Online

Cheapest Way to Register Attendees Online 1

Being an events manager would compel you to make one process as easy as possible: event sign up. There are now different event technologies that you may consider to specifically help with registration and ticketing. One tool you can use is a event registration software that is incorporated to your event website. This will allow your attendees to commit to your event and make payments in a matter of minutes as long as they are connected to the internet.

1.) Look for cheaper service fees.

The problem with registration software providers is that they have varying charges for the service fee. If you would want the online registration process to be as cheap as possible, look for a provider that charges less in terms of service fee. There are some companies that would charge exorbitant fees for every ticket purchased by attendees. Some would charge up to 5% for every ticket, while there are some who can provide the same service for just 2.5%. This is the reason why you should be very critical when it comes to choosing software providers.

2.) Use payment platforms that charge less.

Another point that you should take into consideration is the payment processing fee. For any registration software that you use, you can accommodate different payment platforms. You may use payment gateway services for card transactions and you can also include established online payment systems like PayPal. It would be best if you can look for the cheapest payment platform provider. There are some payment gateways that charge by a mile compared to others. It pays to be very meticulous during your research.

3.) Use an all-in-one event management software.

Last but not the least, try to invest in an all-in-one event management software instead of just narrowing your search on the registration and ticketing process only. While an all-inclusive software may cost you more, it will make some components cheaper than if you buy them as one-off products. Furthermore, the use of an event management software will allow you to take charge of other aspects of your events such as creating networking opportunities during events and acquiring additional tools like an event app for your attendees.

If you are particularly interested in mobile applications for event management, you may read more about apps for events.

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