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What Attendees Can Do with an Online Ticketing Software

As an event planner who never used an online ticketing software, you may have organised events with a poor attendee turnout. You may have asked yourself what went wrong with your marketing campaign. You reckon that you have sufficiently amplified your event through social media and have given out invitations to several leads. Regardless, very few people came and this may have impacted your business and the very purpose of the event.

You realised later on that the major fault lied on the registration process. The only way attendees could confirm their attendance is by filling out a registration form and sending it to a registration email – before they are redirected to online payment platform. This is where the role of an online ticketing software comes in.

Here are three things that your attendees can do with a ticketing software to prevent poor attendee turnout:

  1. Purchase tickets at any time

Through an online ticketing software, your attendees can choose to purchase tickets to your events at any time they wish. They do not have to go through the cumbersome process of emailing registration forms and waiting for confirmation through email. With a ticketing software, they will get confirmation of their purchase in a matter of seconds. They can then keep a digital copy of their tickets or print them out as they wish. You may find out more about this process by reading about online event registration.

  1. Review event details through the event website

While you may do event marketing through different ways, the importance of an event website is paramount to keep event information accessible to the public. Consider this: your prospective attendees may have heard of your event through flyers or online ads. However, they did not have the time to review the details since they were busy. By creating an event website that is integrated with an online ticketing software, visitors can confirm important event information such as the date, venue, program, speakers, etc. If the details align with their interest and plans, they can simply proceed with ticket purchasing.

  1. Request for additional tickets or refunds

Last but not the least, an online ticketing software allows your attendees to make changes to their bookings. If any eventuality comes up and they decide to purchase more tickets or request for a refund, all of this can be done electronically through the software. If this is not possible, they can be assured that they can reach your customer support team by looking at the “Contact Us” tab on your event website.

To find out more about this topic, read more about the event planner software.

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